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Rex at Family Fest

Wes Prichard, Rex, Reggi Smith, Lady Love Smith, Michael Sykes

Jimmy Jones, Glenn Payne, Jake Hess, Judy Nelon, Hovie Lester, Rex Rex & Judy Nelon, Janet Paschal, The Hoppers, Joyce Martin Calvin Newton, Ben Speer, Jake Hess, Rex
Joyce Hess, Jake Hess, Judy Nelon, Rex Rex & Judy Nelon Rex & Judy Nelon in Belfast Ireland 1-20-2000 Amos & Sue Dodge with Rex & Judy Nelon in England 1-23-2000
Rex with The Homeland Quartet Rex with LeFevre Jerry Thompson, Dennis Cagle, Rex, Lamar Newton, Kelly Nelon, Janet Paschal, Robbie Willis, Rodney Swain Kelly Nelon, Jerry Thompson, Charlotte Penhollow, Stan Whitmire, Rex Nelon Kelly Nelon, Jerry Thompson, Todd Nelon, Rex Nelon, Karen Peck
Urias LeFevre, Alphus LeFevre, Eva Mae LeFevre, Rex Nelon, Mylon LeFevre, Pierce LeFevre Rex & Judy Nelon with Bill & Gloria Gaither on an Alaskan Cruise

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