I would like to thank our many friends for the love and support that has been shown to me and the entire family during this most difficult time. Your prayers and thoughtfulness are greatly appreciated.

The legacy of Rex Nelon might be said that he had a passion for the OLD songs and was an enthusiastic mentor of the YOUNG aspiring artist.

Recently he had been having the time of his life watching the OLD and the NEW come together through the popularity of the Gaither Homecoming videos and concert tours that he had been a regular member of. Rex loved being a part of the friends that Bill Gaither loved to breakfast with on most tours. There they would reminisce and talk about those good ole' days and Rex once told me, "These are the Good Ole' Days!"

Rex enjoyed telling the story about how he hired Janet Paschal when she was only 18 years old. She missed their first concert date because she drove the wrong direction on the freeway. When Janet called him later that night to apologize, Rex told her she was fired. He was only kidding her and glad that
he had been because during her next seven years with the Rex Nelon Singers, the groups popularity soared. He was proud that Janet developed into an outstanding artist and remains at the top of her field today.

When Jake Hess first noticed that Rex and I were becoming interested in one another, he pulled me aside and whispered in my ear, "Judy, you had better grab this one. He is one of the last great southern gentlemen."

I did and indeed Rex was !

Judy Spencer Nelon
9 Music Square South #152
Nashville TN, 37203-3286
Judy Nelon

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